The Inspiration & Design

Get to know about the creation of the brand and its design.

It is my pleasure to have you as a visitor at Le Gem Boutique and taking the time to learn more about my brand. The creation of this website had long come into fruition, I am grateful to now have the opportunity to present to you Le Gem Boutique. I have an appreciation for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry designs. My jewelry collection is exquisite and limited, therefore making each piece a treasure.

I was inspired to name my brand Le Gem Boutique (The Gem Store) after my French given name Odette which means wealth. It is also the name of the princess in the world's most famous ballet (Swan Lake) choreographed at the Opera Bastille in Paris. Implying that my inspiration for Le Gem Boutique has been well thought out as with each item presented on my website.

I am passionate about my brand. I value the time, craftmanship and intricate design of each gem and jewel. The process is difficult and tedious as with the hard work and dedication it takes to grow this business and brand. My goal is to always provide quality products and services to my customers. Once again, I welcome you to Le Gem Boutique!

Odette G.

Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.